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DWS Hydrotherapy is a British company that designs and builds equipment for the hydrotherapy industry, both human and veterinary. More than 30 years experience in UK industry has enabled them to offer cutting edge software  design to all their treadmill products.

The In Floor Treadmill is designed to be fitted into the floor of a pool where the floor is raised up or down to adjust the depth. When the pool floor is raised to poolside floor level the patient can access the treadmill quite easily, even from a wheelchair. Once the patient is in position the floor is lowered to the desired depth. The patient's therapist remains at the pool side to operate the treadmill using a tablet with WiFi connection, or the larger touchscreen mounted on the main control cabinet or a suitable wall.


DWS conveyor drive systems are in a class of their own in that they operate at extremely low speeds with flawless change of speed throughout the range.

Speeds can be set from 0.1 Kph to 16 Kph with extremely smooth speed transition.


All data and controls on 15 inch touchscreen or 10 inch tablet, and all on one page.


Forward and reverse belt function at all speeds and angles.


Powered incline (up to 13%) controlled via the touchscreen and can be stopped at any position.

All treadmills are manufactured in 316 stainless steel with top quality components.. Ease of use and safety are paramount in the design of DWS treadmills. All DWS products meet or exceed current EU and UK electrical and IES standards.

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