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DWS Treadmill Hydrotherapy: Treadmills For Dogs and Humans

DWS manufactures underwater treadmills for humans and for dogs. Treadmill hydrotherapy is a highly effective form of exercise and swim therapy involving the use of water and highly specialised technology to offer therapy to patients in a safe, controlled environment. Underwater treadmills offer one of the most effective hydrotherapy methods, as it has been shown that treatment can be precisely controlled by the therapist as opposed to exercising in a free swimming pool.

Hydrotherapy relies on buoyancy, resistance, viscosity, hydrostatic pressure, and other attributes of water to allow patients to move their joints. Water allows the full body weight to be supported when submerged, reducing stress on the joints and creating a safer recovery environment.

Treadmill hydrotherapy is especially useful in treating a variety of conditions, including:


  • degenerative joint dysplasia

  • arthritis

  • fractures

  • hip dysplasia

  • amputation

  • neurological disorders

  • paralysis

  • pain management

  • obesity


​Treadmill hydrotherapy is used for both humans and dogs as it provides very similar benefits. Contact DWS today to see how we can provide you with a custom-designed canine water treadmill or water treadmill for humans that exactly meets your needs.