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Canine Treadmills for the dog

Underwater canine treadmills for dogs and canine hydrotherapy produce excellent results and for several reasons:

  • Dogs exercise in warm water which improves circulation and reduces pain.

  • Depth of water can be varied so that the dog is supported regardless of size, thus reducing joint pain from impact.

  • The belt speed of canine treadmills can be varied from 0 to 5mph thus dogs with extreme conditions can be safely treated under carefully controlled parameters.

  • Belt speed changes are extremely smooth.

  • Hydrostatic pressure and a temperature of 28C have a natural beneficial effect on swollen joints.

Hydro Treadmill modified.webp

The advanced software programs developed by DWS offer canine hydrotherapy practitioners an almost limitless range of treatments to enable even the most compromised dog to improve or fully recover. Detailed records of all treatments are automatically produced in PDF files for use by referring vets.
Our canine treadmills are packed with features that other manufacturers do not offer or for which they charge extra. All metalwork is Stainless Steel grade 316, as used in the North Sea oil fields, so even after 20 years use there will be no corrosion at all.
The DWS water treadmill for dogs is described as both robust and of high quality by our customers. 


Robustness and quality are the descriptions most used by our customers 

  • Two sizes of chamber 2.4metres for the largest dogs

                                           2.1metres for standard and smaller dogs

  • Large 15 inch touchscreen 

  • Full Windows 10 PC control

  • Single page control - one screen to use

  • Pre-loaded programmes and also manual control

  • Comprehensive session data storage - download to USB stick

  • Side steps for Therapist when treating large dogs

  • Therapist seat for use when treating small animals

  • Open door sensors - prevent accidental flooding

  • Forward and reverse belt

  • 360 degree viewing

  • 13mm toughened glass to hold 1.35 tons, (others use 10mm)

  • Tank or pool fed systems available

  • Motorised incline up to 13% (competition 3%) can be stopped anywhere

  • Wi-Fi remote with 10 inch tablet

  • Two door walk through design

  • Safety pull cord along full length of chamber for total safety

  • Automatic waste valves for dumping soiled water



Are dog treadmills a good idea?

Treadmills are good for dogs that have skeletal/joint problems.

Do dogs need a special treadmill?

Yes, a dog needs a treadmill designed for dogs of all sizes.

Why do trainers put dogs on treadmills?

Trainers use treadmills to improve recovery from joint problems, muscle problems or just to improve fitness.

Can a dog be trained to walk on a treadmill?

There is no training required, the treadmill forces the dog to walk

How long should a dog run on a treadmill?

There is no training required, the treadmill forces the dog to walk

Will the dog's nails hurt the treadmill?

Dogs' toenails can damage door seals but these are easily replaced

How can I comfort my dog on a treadmill?

Not really necessary, but some dogs enjoy treats as they are exercised.

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