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Drop In Treadmills

In-Pool Use

Generally used in the shallow end of a pool the treadmill provides good musculo-skeletal exercise. Safety is of prime importance with power being provided by low voltage current. A safety cut-out cord should always be attached to the user.

Treadmill on floating floor
Drop In Treadmill 1.jpg
Motorised Incline

An electrically driven actuator operates a lift system which tilts the conveyor to a maximum angle of 13%. The tilt action can be stopped at any angle over its range. The degree and duration of incline can be manually set as required.

drop in Treadmill 3.jpg
Touch Screen Display

All functions are controlled and displayed through a  large 15 inch touch screen  mounted on the treadmill at head height, Large graphics show conveyor speed and incline both of which can be controlled manually via the screen or by selection of a number of pre-set programmes 

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