Hydrotherapy Treadmills: Market Leading Features

Sensor prevent accidental flooding

Canine Hydrotherapy Treadmill: Door Sensor

A sensor is fitted to each door to detect if the door is properly closed. If not, the underwater treadmill cannot be filled.


Thus, accidental flooding is prevented.

All controls on on one screen

Canine Hydrotherapy Treadmill: Large Touch Screen

A large 15-inch touchscreen provides easy control of all functions, and all on one page.


The display can be rotated through 320 degrees making it easy to operate from inside the water treadmill, or outside.

Incline 2.jpg

Canine Hydrotherapy Treadmill: Powered Incline

The belt can be tilted by an electrically powered actuator. The action is controlled through the touch screen so that the angle of incline can be chosen at any point in its movement.

Inclines up to 13% compared to competition's 3%.


Canine Hydrotherapy Treadmill: Safety

Safety is a priority for DWS and so a full length pull cord is fitted down one side of the canine underwater treadmill within easy reach at any position in the treadmill.


Safety stop switches are also fitted on the display cabinet and the main control cabinet of our underwater treadmills


Canine Hydrotherapy Treadmill: Cleaning

The chamber on our dog hydrotherapy treadmill can be easily cleaned by manually raising the treadmill belt. The weight of the conveyor is supported by two pneumatic rams in a similar way to that of a car bonnet.


Thus, the DWS underwater dog treadmill is safe and easy to operate.


No need to scoop out the last gallon or so of water because our pumps remove all free water.