RAF Police Install Latest Canine Treadmill Technology


DWS Hydrotherapy recently installed a new 2.4m underwater treadmill for dogs at RAF Northolt near London. Regarded as a centre of excellence in the UK for the training of search and security dogs, the centre has between twenty five and thirty dogs of various types under training at any one time. 

When deciding on a canine treadmill the MOD had two main requirements, firstly it had to handle large dogs and secondly to improve each dog’s fitness. It is anticipated that there will be a significant improvement in fitness levels and animal “downtime" through the use of water treadmills for dogs
DWS Hydrotherapy were able to offer a canine treadmill that meets both requirements – a 2.4m chamber the longest on the market, and a unique 13% belt incline. These features together with a powerful water jet system will enable canine hydrotherapy practitioners the capacity to fully exercise dogs and achieve top level fitness.
DWS is proud to support our forces allowing canine hydrotherapy to take centre stage. The use of underwater treadmills for dogs by the Border Control Force and various police forces will help both dogs and their handlers. Water treadmills for dogs will significantly enhance the quality of life for these hardworking animals. 


Standard Features

  • Chamber lengths 2.4m and 2.1m

  • Total belt speeds from 0.1mph to 5 mph (faster speeds available)

  • All controls on a single page

  • Easy download of patient records as PDF files

  • Automatic overnight cleaning

  • Walk through design

  • Open door detection

  • Therapist seat

  • Bridging Plate (front/back limb treatment)

  • Forward and reverse belt

  • Voice Control

Optional Extras

  • Powered incline (up to 13%) 

  • Wi-Fi Remote control 

  • Resistance jets