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Hydrotherapy Treadmills for Dogs & Humans: High Quality Build & Design

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Some competitors use plastic boxes for electrical connections attached to the outside of the water treadmill chamber. underneath a heavy removeable ramp.

It is our opinion that if a ramp is dropped during removal or re-fitting the connection box and associated cables can be damaged and therefore would present a risk to users of the equipment.

Such boxes are not as robust as stainless-steel boxes present on DWS hydrotherapy treadmills.

We consider the direct connection to the chamber such as is shown in the photograph to be much more satisfactory. There are no exposed cables


The straight through walk in - walk out principle is adhered to in the design of the DWS Hydrotherapy treadmill. Doors at each end open wide to allow safe entry and exit of all patients.

Safety is paramount when treating highly nervous or compromised patients, and the most dangerous times are at entry or exit from the treadmill. Some other treadmills have locking fingers which protrude from the doors. These pose a risk of injury should a patient, when exiting the treadmill,  fall against or run into the door. The DWS door design is absolutely flush with no projections.       


DWS pump packs provide easy access to all components and are designed so that all pumps are at the same level as tank outlets, therefore all pumps are self priming whatever the level of water in the storage tank.  Some other treadmill systems have pump sets where at least one pump is higher than potential water levels in the storage tank. This creates the risk of airlocks which can only be dealt with by priming the pump by hand.


DWS use solid PVC piping where possible with glued joints as required. This approach provides a clean, neat and reliable pipework system which can be hidden in a trench with stainless steel covers.



Flexible pipework cannot achieve sharp changes of direction without the risk of the pipe collapsing and thus reducing flow. 

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