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Rebuilt, Reconditioned and Refurbished Treadmills


Occasionally DWS will take a used treadmill of their own or other manufacture in part exchange for a new DWS model. We often purchase second hand treadmills outright without part exchange. The photo shown left is of a DWS refurbished treadmill but this policy could apply to any treadmill produced by another reputable manufacturer.


In all cases the treadmill is stripped down and all components checked and replaced where necessary. This will include bearings and a new conveyor belt. Depending on design it may be possible to include a powered incline system within a DWS reconditioned treadmill.

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What is included in a DWS refurbished treadmill

A new DWS control system in a DWS refurbished treadmill will replace the old system. The completely DWS reconditioned treadmill will include all electronic and electrical components, and a new touchscreen. The touchscreen will be housed in a stainless cabinet and mounted on the frame of the treadmill chamber.


Purchasing a DWS reconditioned treadmill is an excellent way for canine hydrotherapy practitioners to deliver a service on a limited budget. Our reconditioned treadmills are entirely refurbished and come with a twelve month parts and labour guarantee. 

Prices for a reconditioned water treadmill for dogs will be in the range of £15,000 to £17,000. Please do contact us for further details. We are happy to discuss options that will support you.

For further information on availability call or email us

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