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Treadmill Hydrotherapy for Dogs: A Happy Customer

Tim Maslin writes from East Yorkshire Hydrotherapy Centre in Beverley East Yorkshire

We have been providing Small Animal Hydrotherapy for over 10 years using both Pool & Water Treadmill, we have 4 therapists and treat around 100 animals (mainly dogs) per week (Covid permitting !!) about 25% go through the aquatic treadmill for dogs


We first came across DWS Hydrotherapy in 2018 and in November we placed an order for their treadmill in a part exchange deal for our old dog underwater treadmill which we had had for about 9 years. We looked at two other major hydrotherapy treadmill manufacturers and chose DWS due to the design, software and price, also the option for part exchange on our old machine that surprisingly no one else would do, it appears they all use a similar motor for the belt but the DWS software control of that is, in my opinion, what makes the difference.  

Before the new canine water treadmill was ready the control system on our old treadmill failed, DWS then fitted their control system on site to the old chamber which keep us going, I was sceptical about this working, but it worked very very well. When the new hydrotherapy treadmill arrived the control system was transferred to the new treadmill chamber and everything worked well.


We found the DWS software easy to use but it was missing a feature that we used extensively on our old machine. DWS modified their software (at no charge) to provide this timer controller that we were used to, and this was a great help for my therapists. The new timer facility was actually a lot better than our previous one and in reality we use this most of the time now despite the other methods of control available. They have also made some other software changes to accommodate our needs.


We are very happy with our DWS treadmill​,​ it works ​very ​well.

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