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Treadmill Hydrotherapy for Dogs Vet Referral Reports

Canine Hydro: Treatment Report

Treatment reports for each patient downloadable to referring vet

Underwater treadmill treatment sessions are automatically recorded as pdf files for easy transmission to a referring vet.  Thus, the hydro treadmill for dogs promotes close and detailed cooperation between therapist and vet, an important element in the efficient treatment of patients. Each water treadmill record shows duration, intensity, incline, rest etc as well as the patient's details.

Canine Hydro: Patient Records

History of previous treament sessions freasy set up

In addition to the above charts, all canine hydrotherapy sessions are shown in a drop-down list shown on the touch screen.


Each patient is identified by name and by touching the name the last treatment settings are shown, e.g. belt speed, rests and incline etc and the system is automatically set to these settings.


This means that treadmill hydrotherapy treatment can be seamlessly continued for this particular patient. Any necessary adjustments can also be made as required.

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