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Hands Free – DWS Voice Controlled Treadmills


Introducing the first ever voice controlled underwater treadmill, all you need is a headset and your voice. Victor software contains specific voice instructions for all the functions of the treadmill and operates similarly to Google’s Alexa.


Wearing a light headset incorporating a noise cancelling microphone and headphones, the therapist will identify him/herself by saying “Victor” followed by the start command. After this the therapist can instruct the treadmill to run any function required including belt speed, incline, fill/empty, depth required etc.


Most importantly, when the therapist is inside the chamber both hands will be free to manage the patient. This means that the therapist can concentrate 100% on treating the patient .


With an operating range up to 20m the therapist can issue instructions inside or outside the chamber.


The headset will cancel out all background noise.


The touch screen will always remain live so that it can be operated normally, if required.

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